Boogie Chillen

By Gina Yeomans

With a new name and a new ambition, the group formerly known as The Queens emerges once again onto the music scene, this time as the Miserable Fridays. The band, composed entirely of Wesleyan wrestlers, debuted in October with their smash-hit version of Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Imitation”. They hope that their sophomore effort will enjoy even greater success.

The Miserable Fridays find inspiration in all corners of the music world. Their primary influences include Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Chumbawumba, Run-DMC, and Frank Zappa. Dan Bloom, the group’s dreamy lead singer feels that the Miserable Fridays combine The Beatles and Run-DMC. “We’re like the Beatles with our witty lyrics that are meant to get people thinking…but at the same time, like Run-DMC, we’ve got a little flair about ourselves and we like to express it.” With such an eclectic assortment of influences, who could escape the charm and undeniable talent of the Miserable Fridays?

The Miserable Fridays’ new project, “I Get Sucked Out,” is a wrestling-oriented cover of Chumbawumba’s song “Tubthumping”. “I Get Sucked Out” deals with the wrestling tradition of drastically cutting weight before wrestling match weigh-ins. The song was a collaborative effort; everyone contributed aspects from their real lives. “Our new song is taken from all of our experiences because it’s about wrestling. It’s about losing weight and the different methods and feelings of losing weight. It’s very autobiographical,” says Bloom. The full cast of characters includes Dan Bloom, Dan DeLalla, Seth Rosen, and Alex Segal, each contributing lyrics and vocals to this masterpiece.

The Miserable Fridays have evolved and matured since their last project. The tangible evidence of this growth is shown through their name change, from The Queens to The Miserable Fridays. When asked about the switch, Bloom responded, “We decided to change our name as an evolutionary process that our group has gone through. We are no longer covering Elvis Presley, so it seems that The Queens, which was a parody of ‘The King’, was no longer fitting. We are now The Miserable Fridays because every Friday we don’t get to eat very much, so we’re pretty miserable. From the heart and an empty stomach, that’s where the name comes from.”

Like Sex? Play Guitar.

picture taken by the writer, Gina Yeomans

Life as a wrestler isn’t easy. As The Miserable Fridays convey through their new song, cutting weight can really get you down. However, The Miserable Fridays have found an emotional outlet in their music and now enjoy the perks of rock stardom. The Miserable Fridays find themselves fighting off women of all ages wherever they go. When asked which of his band mates gets the most girls, Bloom responded, “Alex Segal because he got to dress up like Elvis. And when you dress up like Elvis, you get a lot of girls.” Whether decked out in studded suits or sucked out in wrestling spandex, the Miserable Fridays are sure to bring a smile to your face.


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