Boogie Chillen

By Amy Lum

Wonderwall, which originally comes from the album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis, is one of the most frequently covered songs in today’s music world. Artists such as Ryan Adams, The Mike Flowers Pops, and The Beastie Boys have all added their own unique touches to the song. It was only a matter of time before a couple of Wesleyan University students did the same. Jonna Humphries ’10 and Chris Graceffa ’07 stepped up to the plate.

During her Thanksgiving break, Humphries collaborated with her older brother to put a beat together and remix the song Wonderwall. She took advantage of her brother’s skills, equipment and experience to create her own music. “My brother has been extremely helpful in my music career. He is a music producer and has even produced music for shows airing on the E! Network,” Humphries explains.

Humphries provides the lush vocals during the chorus part of the song. She sings the original lyrics but adds her own flavor. Her style of singing is quite different than the original rock version; it is more reminiscent of the R&B style. Humphries began her music career at the tender age of seven when she began playing the piano. She took her career to the next level when she turned fourteen and began taking vocal lessons and performing in plays and recitals where others were able to hear her voice. This past year she set aside her music career in favor of modeling. However, her passion for music could not be contained. She returned to the music scene a couple of months ago when she recorded a few songs with her cousins who run a rising music label. Now she has brought her talent to Wesleyan and sought out senior Chris Graceffa to work with on her next project.

After listening to Graceffa rap during a midterm project in their “History of Rock and R&B” class, Humphries was impressed. She realized that the two of them could work together to create something great. Graceffa’s music background is somewhat different than Humphries’. Although he has not taken vocal lessons, Humphries noticed that he had the same passion she had for music and the natural skill to match that. Graceffa wrote and rapped the verses in their Wonderwall remix. He writes poetry and has an innate ability to rap, which was perfect for this project.

Even with their combined talent, Humphries and Graceffa could not have finished the song on their own. They received help from classmate Brain Jordan who mixed and edited everything on his computer. Humphries and Graceffa said he was fun to work with and was extremely helpful.

All of their hard work will surely be noticed when their song is released December 19, 2006. The beat is extremely catchy and the song has a distinctive sound evocative of Eminem and Dido’s song Stan. Humphries has a beautiful and powerful voice and Graceffa is extremely smooth and clear in his rapping. The track is so captivating that listeners will find themselves very involved in the beat; it is hard to not bounce along and many may even find themselves humming and singing to the song. Everyone involved in this compilation put forth great efforts and, therefore, the song is insured to be a hit.


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