Boogie Chillen

By Daniel Latzman

What happened to the One Eyed-Cats you ask? The creators of the hit single “Let Her Cry” had a short lived stay in the limelight after their first single hit the charts. Following their quick success, though, the four band members all went in different directions once they made their millions.

Tyler Byrne, the face of the band and lead singer and guitarist, quickly shifted his attention to jumpstarting his solo career and left the other four soon after their early success. When I asked Tyler what his reasons for leaving so quickly were, he hung up his cell phone, peered at me through his aviator sunglasses and said, “When someone with my talent is surrounded by a bunch of guys more interested with themselves than the band, a change is just necessary.”

Tyler is referring to the other band members who quickly got distracted following the band’s early success. Guitarist and stud Spike Malangone, perhaps the member of the band besides Byrne with the most musical potential, jumped into the profession of male modeling soon after the release of “Let Her Cry”. In turns out the ladies were more interested in musical, rock star Spike then the sensitive underwear model one. His musical success didn’t translate into the modeling world as people soon got bored with the former one-eyed cat. When I caught up with Spike at the release of The OC Season 3 DVD, the former rock star told me that, “It’s really not easy being this good looking.”

Jason Ben-Eliyahu, the bands pianist, got caught up in his love for classical music and disappeared off the face of the Earth. Some say he’s somewhere in Europe with his cult, comprised of the world’s biggest Johan Sebastian Bach fans.

The final member of the band, Tambourine player Russell Follansbee, got very attached to his instrument and moved away. His obsession with “Tammy”, the name he gave for his tambourine, overcame the young star. He has been in and out of mental institutions in recent weeks, and maintains his uncanny obsession with his tambourine. I was able to track Russ down to ask him about his success with the One-Eyed Cats and how he’s been since the band’s success. He said that, “I had a great time playing Tammy with the One-Eyed Cats, they truly are great musicians. I’m sorry I have been distant from my old band members but its love. Love doesn’t have a face. I love Tammy.”

Shocked at what was just said to me, I left Russ’ house amazed that these four guys collaborated on such a great song. “Let Her Cry” was a hit the second it was released and many fans are still yearning for anything else from the band. To our delight, they are getting together for one last ensemble. They have kept it almost a complete secret, but the One-Eyed Cats are coming out with a behind the music which includes information all about the band members and their music. With the release, there will be a special final performance together in which the band will perform “We Are the World”.

Since the guys have kept it such a secret, I can’t tell you much about the release. I do know that the millions of One-Eyed Cats fans will be elated when the behind the music is released early next week. I asked Tyler Byrne what we should expect; he told me that “There’s a lot more to each of us than most people think. This behind the music will reveal a lot. We’re also very excited about our final performance. It should be fun.”


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